Dear business partners,
allow me to offer you for your premises an exhibition designed to support sales: a unique collection of Celebrity House of Wax figures.
Presentation options
The scope and presentation of this unique collection of wax figures can be customized to your exact requirements. The concept of the exhibition of wax figures is a comprehensive solution for the use of leisure time that combines entertainment and education.
You can choose the theme of the exhibition – from the British royal family, through statesmen, military leaders, dictators, world famous movie and TV series characters and the actors that played them, well-known personalities from the music industry and celebrities, all the way to famous athletes and other important individuals from world history.
In addition to the exhibition of the wax figures themselves, the presentation also includes descriptions of the exhibited characters.
Interactive link between the exhibition and your visitors:
In case of interest, it is possible to provide an interactive link between the exhibition and your visitors and clients via a unique connection to social networks through the visitors’ personal profiles. Contests can also be added to the exhibition.
Educational guide
Each exhibit will have a unique QR code that when scanned into a mobile phone or tablet will display the given exhibit along with text and photos; it is also possible to add videos.
Link to Facebook
Based on individual agreement, we will prepare a linkto your Facebook profile and other features.
All wax figures are displayed in glass cases made from safety glass. The cases are custom made for exhibition purposes and are thus secured against possible damage.
One exhibition contains 15 wax figures, or it can be customized according to specific requirements.
The exhibition as a whole is fully insured.
Objectives of an exhibition of wax figures
• Attract visitors to your premises.
• Present your premises as a multi-functional complex for the whole family (shopping, fun, education).
• Make your premises more attractive – wax figures have not been presented as a travelling exhibition anywhere in Europe yet!
• Provide an attractive program for the whole family and motivate them to visit your site.



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